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Beginner yoga
This is Your Chance to Learn Step-by-Easy-Step How to Get the Lean, Tone Body You’ve Always Wanted … No Matter What Kind of Shape.

Yoga Alliance
Site of the internationally known Yoga Alliance which supports the diversity and integrity of yoga teachers.

The Yoga Shop
Generous site filled with resources and information appropriate for students as well as teachers. This site also sells yoga products.

Yogi Times
A wonderful on-line magazine for the lifestyle of the modern yogi with plenty of wonderful articles with meaningful content.

American Yoga Institute
American yoga institute founded by Gary Kraftsow offers private and public yoga classes, therapies and teacher trainings in the viniyoga tradition.

Sun & Moon Studio
The site of yoga studio in the United States that believes in a holistic approach to the study of yoga.

Yoga Age
A on-line resource of yoga practice where you can find studios, retreat, vacations, articles and news.  Yoga is the control of thought waves in the mind.

Yoga Finder
Largest yoga directory on internet. You can find everything from classes, event, yoga music artists, retreat centers. instructors products, job opportunities and yoga business listing.

Yoga Basics
The ultimate guide to yoga, asana, pranayama, chakras and more. Members on this wonderful site have access to a mine of information on all topics related the practice of yoga.

Darwin Yoga Space
Darwin Yoga Space follows the teaching method of BKS Iyengar, one of the most influential contemporary yoga masters of today.

Yoga Ireland
Yoga Ireland includes a directory of teachers, a calendar of events, a list of courses and seminars, and information about all aspects of yoga in Ireland.

Yoga Holidays
Yoga holidays is a listing of yoga retreats and yoga holidays all over the world.

Purple Valley Yoga Centre
Purple Valley Yoga Centre is situated in North Goa and is the perfect place for a yoga holiday regardless of your level of yoga experience.

Yoga Movement
Site where you can find all sort of information regarding yoga such as events, personal practice, different styles and yoga path.

La Buissière Centre de Yoga
Enjoy a rejuvenating yoga holiday at our dedicated holistic retreat centre in the beautiful Lot valley, Southwest France. Ideal for couples, friends and single travelers — yoga, guided walks, massage, sightseeing and lots of relaxation.

Yoga, Health, Yoga Styles & Poses @
Yoga Info Portal: Yoga Information, Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and all Yoga Poses.

Joy of Yoga
Joy of Yoga is Montreal’s home of Kripalu yoga inspired by Swami Kripalvananda (Babuji). Kripalu has three stages, which students can move through at their own pace while honoring the body’s needs.

Yoga Place
Site of Yoga Place in East London, a beautiful, light and spacious yoga centre, dedicated to the study and practice of yoga.

Yoga Pura
Yoga Pura located in Phoenix (US) offers a wide range of styles, from gentle to strenuous, and classic to flow style, each class is designed to build strength, flexibility, and stamina, and inspire peace and tranquility.

Your Portable Yoga Studio. For only $24.95 per month you can experience a complete yoga practice wherever you are and whenever your schedule permits.

Yoga Travel
Yoga holidays by the pyramids, the Red Sea and on Mount Sinai. Try scuba diving, camel trekking — or just relax on the beach

Yoga in Asia
Yoga In Asia is an organization devoted to promoting the essence of yoga practices of various traditions. They have four main areas of business: Education Programs, Promotion of Culture, Consultation to Yoga Studios and Yoga Fashion.

Yoga Arts
Yoga Arts Byron Bay — yoga teacher training & yoga retreats.

Qi Natural Therapies and Yoga
Qi is dedicated to helping people achieve calmness, relieve stress and create positive energy by offering affordable, authentic and accessible Yoga to everyone.

International Yoga Centers Directory
Find yoga classes and yoga teachers right in your own neighborhood!

Yoga, Meditation & Calma Club
Calma Lifestyle offers classical yoga, meditation, breath control and relaxation techniques to create a sense of calm and well-being.

Nicky Knoff Yoga
Nicky Knoff Yoga is a dynamic form of Hatha Yoga combining the alignment principles of Iyengar Yoga with the energetic concepts of Ashtanga Yoga. It is the distillation of 34 years of study with the world’s best yoga teachers.

Cairns Yoga Academy
Whether you are simply seeking improved health, fitness and flexibility, or wish to pursue a deeper inward journey, the Cairns Yoga Academy in is the ideal place to start to learn yoga.

San Blas Yoga Retreats
Retreats in Mexico. Enjoy hatha yoga, meditation and adventure travel in a tropical paradise in San Blas, Mexico.

Advanced Center for the Teachers’ Formation of Yoga and Philosophy Vedanta, Meditation and Ayurvedic Medicine. Directed by Swami Omkarananda since 1977 — Sivananda’s Tradition.

Into Yoga
Into Yoga — offers Yoga, Pilates, Yamuna Body Rolling, Massage on site at your place of business. These are also offer in public classes, as well as Prenatal Yoga, Baby & Me Yoga/Pilates, Kid’s Yoga, Baby Sign Language and more.

Burren Yoga
Yoga Holidays and Yoga retreats on the west coast of Ireland, in the beautiful Burren. Courses in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, Satyananda, Hatha and Kundalini yoga. Also Meditation, Detox, Vegetarian cooking, and Buddhist teachings.

Yandara offers quality yoga instructor certification courses from a beautiful 15 acre oceanfront retreat on the Pacific side of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

The Aube Yoga Center — France
The Aube Yoga Center in France proposes satyananda yoga through training, courses and books following the teachings of Swamis Satyananda.

Brahmani Yoga — Quality Yoga in India
Set amongst tropical gardens in Anjuna, North Goa Brahmani Yoga offers classes in a variety of styles and levels with highly experience teachers from around the globe.

Yoga Online, NZ
Visit the Yoga Online website for lots of great yoga information.

Yoga 4 Beginners
Yoga therapy has been recognized as a very effective alternative to modern medicine. Many ailments that do not have a direct and complete cure in modern science have been successfully treated with yoga therapy.

Yoga Relax
Yoga Relax — is the best source information on the web for yoga and relaxation.

Emil Wendel
Site of the wonderful and inspiring pranayama instructior Emil Wendel.

Yoga Health Center
Yoga is a great dynamo of power which you have to tap to become a master of yourself and the world. Get information on yogaasana, pranayama types, cleansing technique, and more health and yoga topics.

Yoga Holidays
Directory of spiritual and healing retreats and facilities for individuals and groups, including listings of employment opportunities and retreat property for sale.




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Maya Tampilang
from : Jakarta - Indonesia
Kate Nirlipta is an inspiring beautiful teacher, she taught me how to balance my unbalanced guna's, she gave encouragement with her compassion and I had special emotional moment through her session class. Thank you for guiding me to understand the "Svadhyaya" and the yoga lifestyle about "cleaning the mirror" and "spreading the light". Always love her meditation, relaxation and evening activity. Love the healing power of song "I am the light of my soul" every time I hear the song my heart & soul feels like a blooming lotus flower. I feel so blessed to have you as my teacher and you have helped me to spread my wings…absolutely transforming. Terima kasih banyak ibu cantik. Love always

Robyn Sedgwick
from : Australia
I am delighted to recommend Kate Nirlipta to anyone at all who is interested in experiencing heart based wisdom through embodied yoga. She is simply the best yoga teacher I have been fortunate enough to learn from. Her approach remains influential in my own practice and teaching. Kate first inspired me fifteen years ago to practice yoga. I was an ex dance teacher still grappling with issues resulting from a car accident and a crushed T12. Her sensitive and knowledgable teaching helped me discover a new way of experiencing my self and my body and began my love affair with the transformative power of yoga on all levels. She also introduced me to the incredible practice of Yoga Nidra . Last year in 2012 I attended a yoga teacher training intensive in Bali largely for the opportunity to again learn from Kate. Her mastery as a teacher and her heart felt warmth and compassion was acknowledged and highly valued by all in the course who were wide ranging in age and cultural backgrounds. She embodies her teaching and has encouraged us all to find our own authentic way to do this in our practice and the classes we offer. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and would encourage anyone of any age or experience to take to opportunity to learn from this outstanding teacher.

Jacki, Narooma
from : NSW, Australia
I love yoga with Kate! Yoga day is my favourite day of the week, a special time I dedicate to myself.
Kate has shown me that yoga is so much more than postures and stretches.Her knowledge and experience is shared gently with love and kindness.The Breathing Space studio is filled with loving, healing energy. Natural light floods the room, the birds sing in the garden and the ocean waves area gentle sigh in the distance. A very special place to practice yoga and meditation.
I feel blessed to have found Kate and her classes. Her yoga is the real deal, truly a mind, body and spirit experience. Thank you Kate.

Kate Nirlipta
  Please Contact Kate,  She is very happy to let you know her up-to-date schedule and answer any questions relating to her work.