Bali Yoga Retreat & Holiday, 12 June - 18 June 2017
Verga in Hakushu, Yamanashi, JAPAN, 19 to 27 September 2017
Tilba Tilba, South Coast, NSW, Saturday 28 - Monday 30 October 2017



Retreat At Tilba-Tilba, Friday 11 - Sunday 13 March 2016
"Moving Into Stillness Yoga Retreats" at Yamanashi, Japan ~ 19 - 28 September 2015
"It's Never Too Late" Yoga Retreat in Narooma 21 - 23 February 2014
Thredbo Retreat - Moving into stillness 08 – 10 November 2013
Awaken Spirit & Rejuvenati 19-25 May 2013
Yoga Holiday August 2012
Nan Tien Temple 15-16 April 2012


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Bali Yoga Retreat and Holiday
Monday 12 June to Sunday 18 June


DiscoverCALMingUnique & Ancient Yogic Techniques
that guide you toHealthy Healing Habits
Re-claim PEACE OF MIND and discover your
Vibrant, Beautiful and Happy Self.

40 years ago in 1975 Nirlipta was introduced to Yoga.
Teaching for 23 years
and for 17 years leading life-altering, mind-blowing Retreats in Australia & 13 years in Bali.


During the retreat you will unblock and activate your energy channels, harmonizing the feminine and masculine aspects within and connect with the truth of your higher Self.

We do this in sacred space acknowledging the vibrations scale in each human emotion. Low vibrations like sadness, guilt or frustration are heavy emotions. Highvibrations like love, bliss and joy are light and uplifting emotions.

Isn't it amazing to know that your energetic frequency affects the energetic frequencies of others around you?

Nirlipta's love is to share her passion and profound knowledge of Yoga with you. She says-

"One major thing everyone needs to know is that Yoga is FOR EVERYONE. It is about our ability to breath, this is number one, then, bringing the breath into the body in a comfortable way while using the power of our mind to transform the breath into healing life force,consequently up-lifting your vibrations."


a science, not an airy-fairy practice. It is a timeless, alchemical complete mind/body awareness system and is the oldest personal development system available for everyone.


her gift to craft ceremony and celebration stems from her life time exploration in the healing and helping professions. A yoga method organically evolved from her many life experiences and teachings with Yoga Masters and Healers. Nirlipta absorbed B.K.S.Iyengar style Yoga in India 1983, Natanaga Zhander (Zhander Remete) in Adelaide 1986, Krishnmacharya's sonT.K.V Desikachar and Mark Whitwell in 1996, Sheila Norbury and the Satyananda style. Nirlipta is a spiritual counselor, healer, and ceremony facilitator she brings to her Yogic passion/work compassion for each individual and gives encouragement and guidance to all students.



  • Invigorate and Transform you.
  • Give you balance inmind and heart.
  • Equip you with life tools andtechniques .
  • Reclaim peace and order in your life.
  • Support on-going vitality, health and well-being.
  • Deepen your knowledge on Yoga philosophy.
  • Comfort you in a beautiful and generous environment.

You will be gradually guided from the outer world to the inner world, through Yoga, using the techniques of Asana, Pranayama, Kriyas, Chi Gong, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and Dance

The Yoga holiday retreat offers much to those who wish to regain some peace and order in their lives and at the same time, allow themselves time to give the best to both their mind and body. It is a spiritually rich, affordable holiday where luxury, yoga and beauty will be a part of your every day experience.

* Transport to Ubud.
* Yoga sessions twice daily++.
* Bungalow single and double Accommodation.
* Guided walk through rice field.
* All Breakfasts and very yummy evening meals.
* Group & individual guidance to Cultural experiences.
* Support & guidance during this unique & transformative time.
Early Bird - Pay before 15 April 2016



AU$1,350.00 pp

AU$1,050.00 pp

After Early Bird Costs are:



AU$1,400.00 pp

AU$1,150.00 pp

Note: To secure your place a deposit Is required on registration -$100 (non-refundable)


We are offering you a special Renew & Nurture Pack when you book before 6pm on 15th April. This customized Renew & Nurture Pack includes:

  • A consultation with an authentic Balinese Healer.
  • A full body healing massage.
  • Care pack consisting of shampoo, body wash and conditioner, all handmade in Bali

You are very welcome to join us on the annual Bali Retreat and Holiday~ May for a healing, fun, deeply relaxing and brimmed with joy adventure in Bali?


You will also have time to experience:
Local walking tours and day bike rides through lush Bali
Explore the Markets and shopping
Spa treatments galore,
Dental appointments (if you book immediately)
Cultural dance, art and much muchmore
Visit to Balinese Shaman Healer.

For more information & to registration Phone - 0427 578 642
or email to


"I really enjoyed Kate's classes and were very accessible. I felt much more intune with my body after each class"

~ George Page, Devon, England

"Being new to yoga, Kate was a great mentor. Her classes gave you the freedom to discover your own body at your own pace. Through her instruction, I left each class more relaxed, energised and at one with my body. I'm now hooked and can't wait to start Hatha yoga back home!"

~ Sonia Abid, London, England

"Such a great weekend with so many beautiful people. Kate you just bring out the best energy in everyone. Thank you, I have missed the guidance of such a caring knowledgable traditional teacher. the venue and food was amazing. I just wished there wasn't so much free time as I enjoyed your sessions so much. I leant so much and you also reminded me of so much I already know. Thank you so much lets keep in touch and I will be back for more of your retreats for sure"

~ Nicole Gray, Malua Bay, NSW, Yoga Teacher

"Go to one of Kate Nirlipta's retreats. You won't know what to expect and you won't be disappointed. Anything can happen and in the best possible ways! Deeply satisfying to my soul."

~ Peter Atmashakshi, Bingie, NSW

"Thank you so much Kate – just what I needed and all aspects were helpful and enjoyable and so worthwhile"

~ Beth

"I'm a visitor to Australia. When I'm here I always try and go to Kate's class and was just recently lucky enought to participate in her retreat. It was my first yoga retreat and I I guess I thought it would be focused on postures, but it was so much more, it was also the whys and the ways. Kate has a huge amount of knowledge covering the whole spectrum of yoga and the physical body. If you want to know how to work to the best effect with what you've got, ie. weak back or knees she can guide you, but more than that she gives such sound practical advice about starting or sustaining a practice that can lead you into a journey of empowering health and well being. Some of the things that you can only touch on in a yoga class or not be able to experience on your own in your practice like chanting in a group I found particularly exciting and enjoyable, letting go of the belief I can't sing and making use of the safe held space to be free and open,"

hallelujah ~ Jacqui Sandy, UK

"The retreats bring me back to my centres. Kate is a beautiful soul who teaches from the heart. All levels of ability are individually catered to in a safe and caring manner. It has been a great joy to be here."

Thank you from my heart to yours. ~ Edith

"A lovely tranquil place, nice small group. Kate very intuitive and caring, food wonderful. The time-out was good. Kate is a good instructor. Meditation was fabulous and the healing session was wonderful."

Thank you! ~ Tricia

"I felt a great sense of letting go, which I really needed. Kate, you have a beautiful way of sharing yoga with us, a beautiful calming voice and a peaceful way of direction. Your meditation instruction and guidance was so easy to follow and effective. I loved the relaxed nature of the whole weekend."

Thank you so much. ~ Jane Haverfield

"Great group of interesting people. Great food. An amazing learning experience."

~ Joy Fern

"Have softened into myself and others and become totally unaware of time-external pressures."

~ Amanda Roberts




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Maya Tampilang
from : Jakarta - Indonesia
Kate Nirlipta is an inspiring beautiful teacher, she taught me how to balance my unbalanced guna's, she gave encouragement with her compassion and I had special emotional moment through her session class. Thank you for guiding me to understand the "Svadhyaya" and the yoga lifestyle about "cleaning the mirror" and "spreading the light". Always love her meditation, relaxation and evening activity. Love the healing power of song "I am the light of my soul" every time I hear the song my heart & soul feels like a blooming lotus flower. I feel so blessed to have you as my teacher and you have helped me to spread my wings…absolutely transforming. Terima kasih banyak ibu cantik. Love always

Robyn Sedgwick
from : Australia
I am delighted to recommend Kate Nirlipta to anyone at all who is interested in experiencing heart based wisdom through embodied yoga. She is simply the best yoga teacher I have been fortunate enough to learn from. Her approach remains influential in my own practice and teaching. Kate first inspired me fifteen years ago to practice yoga. I was an ex dance teacher still grappling with issues resulting from a car accident and a crushed T12. Her sensitive and knowledgable teaching helped me discover a new way of experiencing my self and my body and began my love affair with the transformative power of yoga on all levels. She also introduced me to the incredible practice of Yoga Nidra . Last year in 2012 I attended a yoga teacher training intensive in Bali largely for the opportunity to again learn from Kate. Her mastery as a teacher and her heart felt warmth and compassion was acknowledged and highly valued by all in the course who were wide ranging in age and cultural backgrounds. She embodies her teaching and has encouraged us all to find our own authentic way to do this in our practice and the classes we offer. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and would encourage anyone of any age or experience to take to opportunity to learn from this outstanding teacher.

Jacki, Narooma
from : NSW, Australia
I love yoga with Kate! Yoga day is my favourite day of the week, a special time I dedicate to myself.
Kate has shown me that yoga is so much more than postures and stretches.Her knowledge and experience is shared gently with love and kindness.The Breathing Space studio is filled with loving, healing energy. Natural light floods the room, the birds sing in the garden and the ocean waves area gentle sigh in the distance. A very special place to practice yoga and meditation.
I feel blessed to have found Kate and her classes. Her yoga is the real deal, truly a mind, body and spirit experience. Thank you Kate.

Kate Nirlipta